The History of the Special Educational Centre for Visually Impaired Children

1. The school was established in 1950 as the first school for visually impaired pupils in Poland. At that time the building was located at 35 Tamka Street in Warsaw.

2. The founder of the school was Dr. Zofia Galewska - a great oculist. Owing to her engaging personality and deep understanding of the visually impaired children's needs she influenced the future school's development.

3. The 1960/61 school year was inaugurated in a new building. Later on the school was transferred to Zoliborz, and finally situated at 7 Kozminska Street. At the beginning there were 14 classrooms, a gym, oculist's, pediatrics', and dentist's surgeries. There were also 100 places for boarding pupils.

4. On 1st September 1960 the school was transformed into Institution for Visually Impaired Pupils. The school was renamed to Educational Centre for Visually Impaired Children on 1st September in 1978.

5. During the 1984/85 school year there were created two classes for pupils with visual and multi sensory impairment.

6. In 1991 the school was given the name of its founder, Zofia Galewska, who tended to the pupils of the school for 37 years.

7. Many significant events have occurred in the course of the years:

- in 1994/95 school year there was created Vocational High School with administrative profile

- in 1997/98 school year Early Intervention Service was set up

- in 1999/2000 school year there was established another section in the Centre, namely Lower Secondary School

- in 2002/2003 school year Vocational Secondary School was transformed to Profiled Secondary School

-  in 2010/2011 school year a new section of the Centre was established, Basic Vocational School.

8. The 60th anniversary of the Centre was celebrated on 3rd December 2010. In years the school has seen many changes in both in education and its physical appearance. The school provides high standards of education and cares for children at all times. The pupils are provided with a wide range of opportunities and experiences that will enable them to become successful learners and responsible citizens.

9. As the pupils of the school we are honored and enjoy the pleasure of attending the earliest school for the visually impaired in Poland. Our school is child-friendly with welcoming and stimulating environment. We feel obliged to remember about the history of our school and with our hard work shape the bright future of our Centre.

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